The Unnamed God

Every man, woman and child across the globe and throughout the planes know that it was Corellon who seeded the universe with the gift of magic. What most do not know, is that it was not his gift to give. Magic was originally the sole domain of the being now called the Unnamed God.

This ancient deity co-operated with the other gods and elementals in the creation of the prime material plane, and indeed existed peacefully with the other gods for many years. That changed with the rise of the sentient species. The world was a harsh and dangerous place, and the early humanoids had little to protect themselves from the ravages of the wild. The pantheon decided that if their new creations were to survive, they would need gifts from the gods. And so the gods sent emissaries into the world to teach the people to write, build walls, plant crops, and forge blades. But there was one god who would not aid the mortals and withheld his gift; the gift of magic.

The Unnamed was not necessarily evil or malicious, but he was deeply selfish, and possessed by great avarice. He believed that arcane power was his and his alone. He often used his great magic to protect the mortals, and combat the great evils of the beyond, but he would not share his power.

Without the gift of the arcane, civilization could scarcely maintain a foothold in the world, and its existence was very much in jeopardy. And so, the god Corellon resolved that he would steal away a sliver of The Unnamed’s power and spread it throughout the universe, so that mortals could use the great tool. Corellon recruited the goddess Sehanine in his plot, using her to seduce and distract The Unnamed while he siphoned away a tiny fraction of the Great Mage’s power.

The Unnamed quickly realized the betrayal and his retribution was swift and brutal. Continents burned, stars burst, and the universe was flooded with obscene monsters crafted by The Unnamed. For eons the gods waged war against the Great Mage, finally defeating him within the Elemental Chaos. In victory, the gods could not bring themselves to slay their brother, instead they commissioned the elementals to erect a massive and indestructible prison around The Unnamed’s broken form. And for millenia, the Great Mage sat in isolation, in darkness.

The Unnamed God

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